Top 3 On Page Ranking factors (SEO)

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Today I will be discussing the basics of SEO and how to use it to give your website the edge over most websites. SEO stands for ”Search Engine Optimization”. It is a knowledge that many don’t know, an understanding that most don’t have, and the tools that very few have. To sum it up, it is the art of marketing  your website and or social media platforms to gain visibility and awareness, that will no doubt lead to an increase in sales and production. Without further or do, let’s dive in. 

#1 Title TagsAn HTML tag that displays your website title when you search in Google. 

Title Tag

If Google could plead of you to choose one thing to optimize, it would be title tags. They are the very first thing a potential customer/visitor sees. Basically, it’s the same as a first impression. And we know what those are like in the real world, so imagine Google being the date/parent/employer. So, with all that said, it is key that you involve good keyword phrases that clearly define your website/article the best you can within 50-60 characters. 


#2 Meta Descriptions-  To be exact, this is not important to Google in order to rank, it simply influences CTR’s ( Click through rates) from SERP (Search Engine Results Page). With all that said, Meta descriptions are summaries of your website, or a small piece of text from your website that tells your visitors what your site is about and what you have to offer them. It must be short and sweet. It must be an eye catching text to really grab your potential visitors attention. 

Meta Detail

In Meta’s, a good tip is to once again add keywords/phrases in the description. When you have Run on’s (Past 160 characters) It looks unprofessional, and typically get’s passed up by potential visitors. This is once again a first impression influence. A good SEO practice is to include your site name or article name in the description so that your visitor has no doubt that this is what they are looking for. It’s like a clarification vote. 


#3 Heading Tags  – Headers are used to differentiate the headings and sub-headings of a page from it’s content. 

Header Tags

Optimizing headers, meta’s, and title tags are very similar. A good practice on all is to include keywords, phrases, in the title. Must keep from running over in characters, and you should be involving your title or article name. Except with headers your supposed to only use one of the H1’s (Headers 1) per page. So don’t use multiple H1’s per page unless your using HTML 5. Also, make sure you have them in the right order. Your H2 and H3 shouldn’t be bigger than your H1 and should not be at top while your H1 is at the bottom.


I hope you now have an understanding of the top 3 ranking and click thru factors for search engines. I will see you next time when we discuss how to get indexed (ranked) on search engines. 





Build a Free Professional Website

Website construction

Most people think building a website is only for the ”Tech guys”, when in reality, it’s for everyone. Everyone want’s a professional free website, until they have to make it. Website building can be easy if you have the proper guidelines, the proper tools, and the proper time. There are many steps to getting started in the right direction.

Many of those steps involve SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which I will cover in my next article. For now, let’s dive into those tips on how to create a stunning website. 

#1. Domain. You must make sure the domain name you choose has a good balance in relation to your site. You don’t want to have a domain with the title ”” when your site is about backyard grilling tips. It doesn’t look right when visitors see it, and it sends the wrong signals.

#2. Website Builders. The 2nd step is to choose the correct Website builder or Hosting service for your site and your needs. If you don’t care too much about ranking, or don’t want to deal with great adventures of marketing (SEO), then website builders like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Webs, etc, they do all the designing for you and your site LOOKS great……… until you need to rank.

WordPress is widely known as the ”SEO friendly site builder”, because it allows you to edit and fix all things SEO. If you want to include a store on your site then you go down the road’s of ”Shopify” and ”Bigcommerce”. Those are what you call ”eCommerce” capable site builders.

#3. FREE. Oh yes. The one word that will drive someone insane. With that being said, there are plenty of host services and website builders that allow you to try your hand at building websites for free. Unless your a big business, or want to get the most out of marketing, then free is the way to go.

Now of course paying for hosting has advantages, but if you just want to blog, take pictures, run a small store, etc, then I may have something for you. If you want to go straight into the site builder section, and don’t want to deal with the hassle of singing up for hosting services, then Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and even WordPress give you the ”free” option when singing up. They have great templates and an easy to do feel. Now even though marketing, maintaining are different levels higher than just signing up for a site, you still have to start somewhere, and this is a great start.    

See you next time when we discuss the basics of SEO and the Top 3 On Page ranking factors.